Repair Strategies

Repair Strategies · 07. September 2019
We built and will continue to build out a fitness technician finder by zip code for all your onsite repair needs, all this is on our new parts site at
Repair Strategies · 24. May 2018
Repair Strategies · 19. May 2018
Simple Guidline to fix your resistance brake on an icon elliptical or Stationary Cycle
Repair Strategies · 18. May 2018
Remember! Flexonic belts stretch by design so they will appear too short so you have to "walk" the belt on as shown in this video. Flexonic belts made by Jason Hutchinson are used now by almost every treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike products because they eliminate the need for tensioner hardware such as idler wheels and springs. Enjoy!
Repair Strategies · 11. May 2018
This is a guidline on how to replace your treadmill's motor, Icon product Includes Proform Nordictrack Healthrider Epic Freemotion and Gold's Gym!
Repair Strategies · 08. May 2018
Diagnose your Proform Nordictrack Epic Gold's Gym Freemotion Healthrider Motor Control Board with ease using the oem's video tutorial.
Repair Strategies · 29. March 2018
Repair Strategies · 24. March 2018
Repair Strategies · 23. March 2018
Repair Strategies · 13. March 2018
Here’s a little help on spd Ctrl, +12v, scr, cur lim led indicators may mean on this particular motor control board.

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