Find A Fitness Equipment Repair Technician By Zip Code

We built and will continue to build out a fitness technician finder by zip code for all your onsite repair needs, all this is on our new parts site at

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    Laura M Hernandez (Monday, 11 January 2021 11:59)

    To tune up a Nordic Track and have it run more smoothly. Also tighten screws better that hold up the upright part

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    Cathleen Ready (Saturday, 23 January 2021 07:45)

    I have a health trainer treadmill that has been used around 2 weeks
    It will not power up for some reason but everything else is in perfect condition
    I do not want it anymore
    I would like to sell it

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    Michael Horton (Thursday, 15 April 2021 13:46)

    I have treadmill that appears to need a new motor. It is in great condition otherwise. It is a Nautilus T616

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    Beverly (Friday, 14 January 2022 11:23)

    I have a Nautlus NR2000 in need of repair near me in Morro Bay, Ca 93442

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    EDWIN GOTWALS (Wednesday, 09 February 2022 20:27)

    NORDICKTRACK exercise bike slips continuously regardless of belt tightness. Its as if a gear doesn't engage or stay engaged.

    Any help is appreciated. model gx2.7

    ed gotwals

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    John Alfaro (Friday, 15 July 2022 18:53)

    Need a repair on my pro form 10.02 ZE half the wheel fell off the axle. Zip code 60133

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    Scottie (Sunday, 02 April 2023 20:37)

    I have a Sloe F80 working thread mill in need of cosmetic repair for sale in 32210. Make offer.