Scrap History

Scrap History · 09. April 2019
Almost 100000 pounds of fitness recycled this winter. Many treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and gyms saved with their repair parts. We also gained 3 employees. A cold winter, but very productive!
Scrap History · 08. November 2018
Thank you for your donations! These will save many more machines and prevent the biohazards, that is the plethora of packing material like styrofoam that comes with new exercise equipment.
Scrap History · 10. June 2018
2 Ton Scrap Run! Nothing went to waste! If you have A treadmill or elliptical to donate, don’t call 1-800 got junk or college hunks that haul away junk. Give us a try, it will be far less or even free! Text your machine to 3124339649
Scrap History · 28. March 2018
3300 Pounds of treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes
Scrap History · 16. January 2018
Thank you to all who sold and donated their treadmill and elliptical machines! The parts will be put to good use and the metal recycled.
Scrap History · 27. October 2017
Full Truck Scrapped, list of what was scrapped in entry, email us if you think you may need parts.